Tax Services

Taxes are a substantial cost that must be managed efficiently, just like any other business expense.  Effective planning is the key to managing your taxes. TCAI can take care of every aspect of your tax; we work with you to minimise your tax bill and help you achieve your objectives.

You have to pay your taxes; we ensure you only pay what you have to.

Our tax services include:

  • Personal and company tax calculations and submissions
  • Tax Disputes. Advice and Notices of Objections with SARS
  • VAT Returns and PAYE Returns submission
  • Debt Negotiations and Arrangements with SARS
  • Tax Clearance Certificates
  • Income Tax and PAYE
  • UIF and VAT Registrations

Benefits of speaking to TCAI'S Tax advisor include:

Reduce your TAX burden

We take a proactive approach by planning ahead. We offer our clients futuristic tax planning as part of our tax consultancy service. This way, we help you prepare all your tax obligations and consider your cash flow in advance. Planning ahead reduces the chance of mistakes.

Clarification of TAX codes

SARS requires that all items are reported under specific codes. While assigning the incorrect code to a category is bad for your reporting, it could also result in you paying too much or too little tax. For example, the code for "Travel Allowance - Fixed travel allowance" is 3701, the taxable portion is code 4582. Assigning the incorrect code or miscalculating the taxable portion will result in an error. We can set your accounting system up for you correctly, so figures captured by your bookkeeper will be correctly assigned, and you won't get any nasty surprises at year-end.

Knowledgeable assistance and experience with disputes

Tax legislation gives taxpayers the right to dispute a tax assessment or decision, subject to objection and appeal. SARS claims the lack of documentation - both at submission and the dispute stage - is why most disputes start and drag on. Get it right the first time, so disputes do not become necessary! If one does happen, ensure all documentation is accurate, complete and submitted on time. It's a complex process that can cost you dearly if you get it wrong.

Know what you can offset and legally claim

There are plenty of rumours and perceptions around what may be claimed as business expenses, and you don't want to be getting them wrong! Never pay more than you have to, but always pay what you have to!

Ongoing long-term strategic income tax advice

The term "you have to spend money to make money" is true here. Where would you prefer to put your money? Into a retirement fund, a unit trust, a tax-free savings account – or give it to SARS? Instead of handing it over to the taxman, there are many ways to put your earnings into savings and funds that will benefit you. Please understand me here: Always pay your tax. It is good and necessary to pay tax. But only pay what you have to pay, not one cent more!